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Save Big with Oracle Database 18c!

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You can save thousands of dollars when you use Oracle Database 18c.

When it comes to the latest technologies, there are only a few service providers that you can trust. Foremost of these is Oracle because of their Oracle Database 18c.

A plus for Oracle is its tight integration with Hadoop via Big Data SQL. The software giant works with several Hadoop distributions, allowing you to enjoy virtual access to data stored in Hadoop and appreciating its many features. This according to market research firm, Gartner.

Gartner also highlights the fact that Oracle is a popular choice for the following use cases:

  • Context-independent data warehouse
  • Logical data warehouse
  • Real-time data warehouse
  • Traditional data warehouse

Gartner further notes that Oracle has been a leader when it comes to database technologies for decades now, and it is one of the most prominent DMSA vendors today. Oracle, Gartner says, adds another feather to its cap with the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud. The new service would help the Redwood Shores based company meet market demands when it comes to cloud-based services.

Oracle Database 18c and Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud

Data warehousing is not the only area where Oracle shines. If you are currently using databases, then it would make sense to upgrade to Oracle Database 18c. You can also migrate to the cloud using Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud, powered by Oracle 18c.

Migrating to Autonomous Database Cloud would give you access to a self-driving and self-updating database on the cloud. You can run your important apps, Web sites, and workloads safely without sacrificing performance, security, and availability. This cloud database platform also does its own performance tuning, making sure that your database is error-free and fast, without you lifting a finger.
From this alone, it is very apparent that Oracle Database 18c and Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud help you cut on costs.

Because it is self-driving and self-securing, it frees up a lot of your database administrators’ time. In fact, Oracle says that you can cut administration costs by as much as 80% with the autonomous database.
Another source of savings with this new product is runtime costs. With an on premise database, you would need to provision enough resources to handle more than the peak workload. The problem is that you have all of these resources there, but peak workloads rarely happen. With Oracle’s new autonomous database service, provisioning of resources are done automatically. This means that you can get the resources you need when you need it and then stop paying for the extra resources when you are not using it. Oracle estimates that you would be able to cut down you runtime costs by 90% because of this.

Furthermore, there are several features that used to require a separate fee, but are now included in an Autonomous Database subscription.

These security, testing, and management features are now bundled in with your autonomous database cloud subscription:

  • Data Encryption
  • Data Masking, Subsetting, and Redaction
  • Database Vault
  • Diagnostics Pack
  • Hybrid Columnar Compression
  • Real Application Testing
  • Tuning Pack

These are just some ways that Oracle can help you save on your database costs. Call Four Cornerstone now at (817) 377-1144 or visit our Web site to find out how we can help you deploy Oracle Database 18c and start saving today.

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