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While businesses have their own servers running their most important workloads, a good percentage does not have the IT capabilities and resources to man, administer and maintain these servers.  Oftentimes, a company’s server is left with huge security loopholes, or performs at less than optimal levels.  

It is ironic that your server is where you would find the company’s most important data, where your e-mails go through, as well as applications and software.  If you want your IT team to focus on more important things, or if you simply do not have an IT team to work on your server, you can rely on Four Cornerstone for outstanding server support without costing too much.

Four Cornerstone can help ensure that your servers are up 24/7, and that you can constantly rely on your servers for your business operations.

Server support services from Four Cornerstone

Our range of server support services include:

  • Remote server monitoring to make sure that your servers are up and running.  
  • Upgrading and repairs.  Your servers will not be in its best form when you leave it outdated and broken.  Four Cornerstone can help you upgrade and repair your server, be it remotely or on site.
  • Performance tuning and assessments.  We make it a point to make sure that your servers and the entire network is safe from hacking attacks, viruses, data loss, crashes and slowdowns.

And the best thing?  You get a peace of mind at affordable rates.  You pay us monthly and we guarantee no surprises in the bills – no hidden fees.  It’s an expense you can include in your monthly IT budget and can even help you save! Apart from this, you can also rely on Four Cornerstone for one-time server support.

One-time server support services

There are times when your server encounters problems that need to be resolved.  These problems are not a regular thing, but they need to be resolved ASAP if you do not want to have bigger problems later on.  Four Cornerstone can help you with these one-off server support situations:

  • Getting your email domain off any blacklists.  By performing a detailed review of your logs and email bounce messages as well as other things, Four Cornerstone can take you off any blacklists that may affect your e-mail delivery.  What’s more, we can make sure that it does not happen again.
  • Optimize your server’s performance and conduct check-ups.  We make sure that your servers are running smoothly and are at their best.  This includes server updates and patches.
  • Recover fast from any hacking attempts.  Aside from preventing a hacking attack, we can also help you detect it while it‘s in progress, and then stop it from succeeding.  If you ever suffer from a security breach, Four Cornerstone can help you get your files secure and your operations back on track.
  • Just about any other server problem.  If you are encountering any server problems, just call Four Cornerstone at  (817) 377-1144 and let us handle it.  You would appreciate having a team of experts working out the kinks in your server.