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Simplifying the creation and management of private clouds through Oracle VM

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Using Oracle VM Templates to migrate your traditional datacenter into private clouds means that you can deploy applications faster at a much lower cost.

A lot of businesses now are simplifying their datacenters by server virtualization, and this includes deploying your applications on private clouds.  It makes sense to both deploy applications and consolidate your datacenters on private clouds because you gain the advantages of cloud computing for your organization.

However, some administrators are doing it the wrong way.  For one, installation, configuration and deployment of operating systems, middleware, applications, database and other types of software are done manually.  You could just imagine just how much time this takes, and how it opens the way for errors to come in.

You need to make sure that software components are all standardized and you would need to preconfigure all these in order to be able to deploy everything rapidly.  And this is where oracle VM helps.

Oracle VM comes with Oracle VM Templates that allow you to deploy a fully configured stack of software using pre-configured and pre-installed images.  This helps bring down the installation and configuration time, as well as the costs associated with it.  You can customize your templates to create what is called “Golden Images”.  Even though the Oracle VM Templates available now give you the best practices in configuring and installing software, you might need to customize it to suit your unique business needs.  The good news is that you can customize the templates so that all your virtual machines will have these customizations when you install and deploy them.  You can even tweak an Oracle VM Template to map network and storage accordingly.

You can also use Oracle VM Guest Additions to use guest software in your set up.  The guest software transmits information to and from the virtual machine, so that you could deploy even the most complex multi-VM setups.

All in all, using Oracle VM Templates to migrate your traditional datacenter into private clouds means that you can deploy applications faster at a much lower cost.  It is a very powerful way to deploy applications according to your needs, and it is very easy to maintain, too.  Oracle VM Templates lay out the software you need in the same manner as if you have manually installed and patched these, so it works the same way you do when you do manual installations and configurations.  Except with the templates, you no longer waste time.

As you can see, you no longer have to waste time and effort in installing, maintaining, updating and patching operating systems, middleware, applications and other software – but you can still be very flexible to give your users the resources they need.

This is just one way that Oracle VM can help you simplify the creation and management of private clouds.  If you want to enjoy fast deployment of your datacenter and applications to your own private cloud, call Four Cornerstone today.

Four Cornerstone has a team of Oracle certified experts who can help you know which Oracle software is the best for your business needs.  We can even help you implement and use Oracle software for your business.

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