SMACking Your Way Through Competitors: How Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud Can Improve Your Business

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The architecture of a social business. This photo illustrates how social, mobile, analytics & cloud can help improve your business' operations.

In the cut-throat world of business, gaining market leadership and attaining profitable growth are paramount. Smart entrepreneurs know that harnessing the latest technology to move their businesses forward is the only way to go. Why get stuck in the past using obsolete methods when you can go with the flow of technological change, continuously updating your business processes as you go?

Some of these changes include the use of social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies. Utilizing one or two of these is a good call for business. Using all four of them together is even better. A combination known as SMAC, this technology is changing the way savvy business owners go about transforming their bottom lines.

Combining all four will enhance your business’ ability to gather, understand and utilize the huge amounts of data generated by your business and these technologies every day. These technologies work together to add a whole new dimension to your organization’s business model, the sum of all four parts maximizing their effect and value.

Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud: It makes sense putting them together

If you think about it, it actually makes sense to put all these four together. Consumers use the first three on a daily basis and regard them as a way of life: they use social media platforms to interact with other people online, they are constantly connected via mobile which fuels their communications and they store their data and use various applications via cloud computing.

Add the analytics that your business uses to understand the huge amounts of data your organization receives from consumer information via social media, mobile and other sources + throw in cloud technology, which contributes enormous amounts of storage capacity for data = the end result is a more robust business intelligence, which enables your business to be more connective and productive, collaborative and flexible – all in real-time.

What SMAC can offer to your business

These days, businesses need to thoroughly understand consumer behavior to tailor their products and services accordingly. All organizations, big and small, are currently faced with mountains of information coming in from a variety of sources. What all enterprises should realize is that this big data is the key to understanding customer needs.

SMAC offers a whole gamut of opportunities for you to change your business model into a more meaningful and technologically intensive one. Your organization will find it easier to make sense of the vast amounts of information it receives. In turn, you’ll be able to deliver better value to your customers.

It allows your organization to make the most of big data, engage your users and offer them a more enhanced experience. By making the most of customer knowledge, you can make better decisions and anticipate all your customers’ needs.

When you embrace the way social media, mobile devices and the cloud have all become integral parts of people’s lives, you’ll find it only makes sense that the data collected from these technologies become an important part of your business’ survival and competitive edge.

Photo courtesy of Dion Hinchcliffe.

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