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Cloud Services

If your company is being held back by a lack of infrastructure and data expertise, migrating to cloud services could take your business capabilities to the next level.

The Four Cornerstone team of cloud experts doesn’t just resell cloud services; we help you administer, maintain, and run your applications on the cloud.

Busy executives can choose to work with Four Cornerstone experts and become more hands-on with technicalities or let our experts handle the upkeep so you can focus more on your business. 

What Cloud Services does Four Cornerstone Offer?

1. Oracle Cloud Services Consulting

Our consultants know Oracle through and through and make the most out of your current Oracle investments as you move to the cloud.  You don’t need to waste your licenses and learn new technology; you can keep using Oracle’s best tools and software.

We can help you move critical applications and entire workloads to the Oracle Cloud.

Are you ready to move from relying on what your on-premises systems can give you to taking advantage of the latest technologies, unlimited computing power, and unrivaled performance of cloud platforms?

Get access to the latest technologies, such as big data capabilities and analytics, come up with more manageable disaster recovery plans on the cloud, and get cloud-based business intelligence.

2. AWS Cloud Services Consulting

Amazon Web Services is one of the best-known cloud service platforms today with more businesses opting to use AWS for their cloud deployments. 

AWS offers a range of cloud business solutions but is not always intuitive for users. That’s where Four Cornerstone comes in.

We help you get started with the migration and the eventual management of your AWS operations plus assist you in figuring out which AWS tools and services you can use.

With Four Cornerstone’s support, you can hit the ground running with AWS.

3. Oracle PaaS Cloud Services

Four Cornerstone and Oracle also offer Oracle PaaS Cloud Services, allowing you to get an Oracle Database or Oracle Middleware in the cloud. You can provision an Oracle Database or Fusion Middleware Java Service in the cloud within minutes, making Oracle Database the technology of choice for many of the largest organizations in the world. 

Four Cornerstone offers you three different Oracle PaaS Cloud Services for utilizing the database as a service:

  1. Database Schema Service, where you can get a schema on Oracle Database, flexible database storage plans at 5 to 50 gigabytes, Oracle Application Express, and RESTful Web Services.
  2. Virtual Image, where you get a dedicated VM that could run your Oracle Database 12 or 11g.  You have the software pre-installed so that you can create database instances using DBCA or manually.  You also receive access to SQL*Net and full administrative root OS.
  3. Database as a Service, where you have a dedicated virtual machine for your Oracle Database 12c or 11g.  You can use a wizard to create a database using predefined configuration points. This option also comes with full SQL*Net access, administrative root OS, SYSDBA access, and management, back up, recover and upgrade tools.

What are the Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud?

  1. Scalability. Get a platform that is reliable and highly available.
  2. Security. Cloud platforms have end-to-end security strategies protecting your data, applications, and reputation. 
  3. Cost-efficiency.  You don’t have to invest in a whole lot of hardware and you only pay for the resources that you actually use. 
  4. Support. Four Cornerstone makes cloud services and Amazon Web Services easy to use and we can follow up with additional cloud-available features that you need for your business operations: business intelligence, big data, CRM, enterprise resource management, analytics, and other processes.

Cloud Specialists 

“We do it right.  We do it best.”

Apart from minimizing the risks associated with moving to the cloud, we also help you save money by taking stock of your current IT infrastructures and comparing them with what you need to have successful cloud implementations on AWS or on Oracle Cloud.  Our team of experts helps you configure your new cloud environments properly and even create custom programs that would make integration even faster and easier.

Not all of your business-critical applications and systems are going to be easy to migrate, so Four Cornerstone will tap Oracle technology and AWS experts to design a customized solution for you.

Four Cornerstone is there for you all throughout the entire lifecycle – starting the time you decide to migrate to the cloud.  From planning your migration to actually performing the migration itself, we will prove to be a trustworthy partner. And even when migration is finished, Four Cornerstone will still be there to help you manage your cloud services and troubleshoot occasional problems.

Call Four Cornerstone at (817) 377-1144 today and find out how we can make your cloud operations trouble-free.