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SPARC M6: Speed up your Oracle apps in no time

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Oracle’s SPARC M6 processor is the industry’s most scalable multi-thread, multi-core processor.

Oracle provides you software that can give your business an edge over your competition.  But what if we tell you that they can further improve on these software by giving you hardware that is designed to optimize and speed up Oracle applications?

What does the SPARC processor bring to the table?

In August 2013, Oracle introduced the SPARC M6 chip to the market.

It has 12 processor cores, which means that it has twice the number of cores for the SPARC M5.  Each one of these 12 processor cores have the ability to run 8 simultaneous threads, so all in all the chip will be able to run 96 threads at the same time without slowing down.

Oracle is now offering the SPARC M6-32 system, which has 32 terabytes of memory and can effectively handle up to 384 processor cores.  Again, each of the cores will be able to handle 8 threads all at the same time.  So if you need power for extreme in-memory computing and mission-critical databases and workloads, this is the system for you.  It is also great for ensuring that your core business applications are highly available.

What does this mean for your business?

Changing times demand changing IT investments.  Cloud computing, social media and other sources of data are making large amounts of information available to your business.  If you want to capture, analyze and integrate all of these data, you would need to use in-memory processing.  The SPARC M6 chip allows you to have your applications run in-memory.

Further, you would be able to use Oracle software to analyze massive quantities of data in real time.  This leads to a more accurate, more comprehensive and complete information that you can use for decision making and forecasting, as well as help you manage and understand your business fully.

You can significantly speed up both single thread and multi-threaded applications.  This means that you can run a single image or application using all of the 32 terabytes of memory or you can divide it to several applications, machines and users and then virtualizing all of these. The result? You can effectively maximize your IT investments and be more efficient while also optimizing your server utilization.

What’s new with M6?

SPARC M6 has 48 megabytes of L3 cache and can handle 1 terabyte of memory for each socket.  It has been optimized for in-memory applications and databases, making use of four double data rate type 3 schedulers so you could have more visible tasks and better traffic organization.

The M6 also comes with features that will help you get better performance, lower latency and faster transactions.  Lastly, the M6 has new RAS, which stands for reliability, availability and serviceability.  It all translates to lower downtimes for your server.

Let Four Cornerstone help you

Are you ready to take advantage of the SPARC M6 chip?  Call Four Cornerstone today and find out how we could get your SPARC M6 machines ready to go so that you could start running applications in memory and be able to use and take advantage of data that you already have.

Photo by Oracle.

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