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Start your Oracle Java Cloud Service journey now!

Java Cloud Service is the ideal solution for environments with higher availability needs, including development, production, staging, and user acceptance training.

Imagine yourself creating a complete application environment in the cloud in a quick and easy way, as simple as a few clicks of the mouse.

This is what Oracle Java Cloud Service delivers. It is a cloud solution that is designed as a complete infrastructure and platform to develop, deploy, and manage enterprise applications.

With its full control and flexibility features, many users within the organization will benefit from Java Cloud Service. IT administrators use the solution to develop an environment for their business users, as well as to deploy and manage applications. Solution architects and application developers utilize the environment to develop business apps. Quality assurance engineers use the service for testing. Business users access the applications deployed in the environment.

The power of Java Cloud Service

Using the Java Cloud Service, you don’t have to worry about setting up any infrastructure details.

With the said cloud computing platform, you can easily and rapidly deploy an application because it utilizes Oracle WebLogic Server, an industry leader server. You also have the option to use Oracle Coherence as a caching and data grid tier, and Oracle Traffic Director as the load balancer.

For the benefit and security of its users, the Java Cloud Service environment is pre-installed and pre-configured with Oracle’s best practices in deploying applications. It also has flexible compute and depository capabilities that allow you to implement any workload and easily scale your environment according to your requirements. As such, you can be assured of the solution’s scalability and reliability to maximize your productivity and performance.

With WebLogic as the foundation of Java Cloud Service, you can develop and test your application locally using your preferred integrated development environment and then deploy to Java Cloud Service without any code changes. You can also opt to use the Java Cloud Service to build, test, and deploy to on-premise production servers. This approach results in reduced cost and a more efficient development and testing.

Self-service portal

Oracle Java Cloud Service has a unique portal that allows provisioning your environment and managing your service lifecycle through the use of automated tooling.

Java Cloud Service’s automatic provisioning capabilities allow you to provision a complete WebLogic Server software and virtual machine environment in minutes and immediately start deploying your applications.

Oracle Coherence software is available if you need caching and data grid functionality within an Oracle Java Cloud Service instance. You also have an option to enable Oracle Traffic Director to act as a single access point for your entire multi-node cluster.

Managing your service lifecycle in Oracle Java Cloud Service is an easy and convenient task. You can make use of the portal to complete several operations including restoration, patching, rollback, and backup. You can also scale your service depending on your business demands.

Openness and portability

Oracle Java Cloud Service’s openness makes it a suitable solution for most enterprises. With Java Cloud Service, you can do things the same way you use an on-premise Java environment. You can quickly deploy Java EE applications as is.

For example, if you have an existing application already running in an on-premise environment, you can move it to Java Cloud Service without difficulty. It also allows you to bring any third-party frameworks or applications to your platform. These tasks are possible because you are the one fully managing your environment.

As a bonus, you get Oracle Developer Cloud Service for free when you avail Oracle Java Cloud Service. You can use this tool to develop applications. As such, you will no longer require any specific development tool to build and deploy your Java EE applications in the cloud.

Service integration capability

Oracle Java Cloud Service’s pre-built integrations make it a well-suited and powerful solution to optimize the deployment of enterprise Java applications in the cloud.

Running in Oracle’s enterprise-class cloud infrastructure, each Java Cloud Service instance is fully integrated with other services available in Oracle cloud.

With Java Cloud Service, you can fully manage your application environment through its cloud tools. You also have an option to let Oracle do the patching, restoration, scaling and backup. Using the Oracle Database Cloud Service, you can access the pre-integrated service instance from your Java application. This tool allows automatic deployment of apps built by Oracle Developer Cloud Service.

Oracle Messaging Cloud Service is the tool you’ll need to communicate with other programs running either in the cloud or in on-premise applications, as well as Java applications that are deployed in Oracle Cloud. With Oracle Storage Cloud Service, you can access the pre-integrated service instance straight from your Java application.

Java Cloud Service offerings

There are three different offerings available to meet your specific requirements, either to deploy a custom business application or to build extensions to Oracle Software as a Service. The offerings include

  1. Java Cloud Service,
  2. Java Cloud Service – Virtual Image, and
  3. Java Cloud Service – SaaS extension.

Java Cloud Service and Java Cloud Service – Virtual Image are the right options to choose from if you require a platform for deploying custom business applications. Both offerings allow you to customize your app’s environment. What’s more, you’ll have full access to the underlying infrastructure.

Java Cloud Service is the ideal solution for environments with higher availability needs, including development, production, staging, and user acceptance training. Java Cloud Service – Virtual Image works best for development and testing.

Java Cloud Service – SaaS extension is the perfect solution if what you need is a service to deploy extensions to Oracle SaaS offerings, such as Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. With this offering, customer access to the underlying infrastructure is not required.

Contact Four Cornerstone to understand the full features and benefits of Oracle Java Cloud Service. Our Oracle Consulting in Dallas is committed to helping you start your journey to Oracle Java Cloud Service and grow your business with it. You can get in touch with us by calling 817-377-1144. Maximize your Oracle, Java and cloud computing investments now!


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