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Starting a business? Go with the cloud right away

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The cloud delivers a safe and secure experience, thanks to the scrupulous security measures and practices that are inherent in the product.

When starting up your business, you knew you have many things to consider. The list of things to do is just too overwhelming. Whatever it is that eats you up, don’t forget the power of cloud computing, which can ease up a lot of things for your new venture.

The cloud technology can make a huge difference to your business. Imagine having the access to the same resources the big corporations are using. By following some basic guidelines and utilizing support from cloud experts, you can leverage on the many values of the cloud and reap its full benefits for your business.

What the cloud can do for your business

It helps a lot that as a startup business, you don’t have a legacy system to deal with. You don’t have to worry about going through the costly and time-consuming replacement process. You can immediately take full advantage of the cloud and use its power to full speed right from the beginning. Below are how the cloud can benefit your business:

  1. Immediate access

One of the best things about cloud technology is its fast deployment. With cloud computing, you can get things started immediately and hit the ground running.

  1. Lower cost, plus flexibility to scale up or down as needed

Gone were the days when you have to invest heavily in technology and infrastructure when starting up. With cloud computing, you procure services according to your immediate needs, then enjoy the flexibility later to scale up easily when your business takes off or scale down when the business slows down.

  1. Secure data

The cloud delivers a safe and secure experience, thanks to the scrupulous security measures and practices that are inherent in the product. Because of the cloud service provider’s assurance that the data are kept confidential, more and more organizations are brushing aside the old misconception about cloud data security.

Key business areas to place in the cloud

While it is beneficial to put everything in the said platform, you can focus on these areas to place in the cloud:

  1. Start with the heart of your business – operations. There are available plug-and-play software solutions for staff or performance management, accounting and payroll. These business functions can run easily and efficiently in the cloud.
  1. Company software applications are the next best things to put in the cloud. Email and sales software can be quickly placed in the cloud to allow you to get things started in your business without having the need for big capital. Having sales tools or software in the cloud right from the start will make it easier for your sales guys to record all their prospecting activities and sales database.
  1. Having a professional website is another key thing to place in the cloud. Bear in mind that more people now access their mobile phones than a desktop, so ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

For help in analyzing your cloud technology requirements, contact Four Cornerstone. Our Oracle Consulting in Dallas will provide you expert advice on how to leverage the cloud’s power to give a real boost to your business from the start.

Photo by Jyrki Huusko.

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