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Starting off with MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0

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 Another change in the new MySQL Enterprise Monitor version is that a single agent installation can help you discover and subsequently monitor all database instances.

Are you planning to install or upgrade to the latest version of MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0?  Here are some things that you should expect.

1. The downloads

The MySQL Enterprise Monitor version available for download now is version 3.0.2.  But if you want to get the latest version, you would need to download two patches from My Oracle Support.

If you are using Linux x86, these patches are:

  • Patch 17721950: Gives you MySQL Enterprise Monitor Service Manager 3.0.3 for Linux x86 (64-bit), and
  • Patch 17721960: gives you MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent 3.0.3 for Linux x86 (64-bit)

2. Installing MySQL Enterprise Monitor

If you have tried installing MySQL Enterprise Monitor before, you would find that it is still very straightforward and simple to install.  You can still choose to have the installer create a MySQL database for your existing MySQL database.  You do not even have to learn anything new because the installation steps have not changed.

If this is your first time to install MySQL Enterprise Monitor, you can follow the installation instructions here: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql-monitor/3.0/en/mem-install-server.html.  Better yet, call Four Cornerstone and let us do the installation for you!

The MySQL Enterprise Monitor has a new and improved dashboard.  It is very obvious that Oracle has been doing some branding with the interface and improved user experience in the process.  If you are using an older version, you would surely appreciate the new graph browser, which allows you to select an object from a tree-view pane on the left.  You will see that the agent gathers data from the system and then regroups them in such a way that it is easier to understand.  For instance, fileservers are now shown separately as part of the server.

3. Other changes

There are other changes and improvements that you should know about MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.  These are:

  • You no longer have to activate Query Analyzer for instances that you have performance_schema enabled as this is already active by default.
  • You now have new graphs activated by default, giving you more information, trends and statistics on your database.
  • Another change in the new MySQL Enterprise Monitor version is that a single agent installation can help you discover and subsequently monitor all database instances happening on your server.  If the MySQL Enterprise Monitor cannot handle it on its own, it raises an event so that you would be able to enable monitoring for that particular database instance.  You will find it simpler to use the Event Handling, which sends you an SNMP or e-mail for any event that you need to enable.

These are the only features that have been added or changed.  Most of the features and functionalities that you have come to love with MySQL Enterprise Monitor are still there.

If you want to let the experts handle your MySQL Enterprise Monitor installation, then call Four Cornerstone.  We have a team of Oracle experts who can help you install, configure, deploy and use MySQL Enterprise Monitor and other Oracle software.  Avoid the headaches and call us today!

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