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Artificial Intelligence Now Part of Amazon’s Cloud Computing Services

Things are heating up in the cloud computing space as service providers now have a new arena for battle: artificial intelligence. Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world, but it is also one of the leading cloud computing companies through Amazon Web Services (AWS), an enviable position it shares with Google and Microsoft. […]

The Challenges of Cloud-Powered Education and How Oracle Cloud Can Help – Part 2

This is the continuation of the first article we published here. Unique problems of educational institutions As with any cloud initiatives, it is very helpful to look at how other educational institutions in a variety of organizations approached getting on the cloud. Learn from what they did right and avoid what they did wrong. However, […]

The Challenges of Cloud-Powered Education and How Oracle Cloud Can Help – Part 1

There are now several universities, colleges and other educational institutions that are seriously considering getting on the cloud or are in the process of doing so. According to D. Frank Smith at EdTechMagazine.com, the market for education related cloud computing technology is expected to reach $12.4 billion by 2019, which is close to a 150% […]

The latest trend and forecast in IT spending

Business innovation is a hot topic for many, if not all, organizations worldwide. The key to achieving this is technology, which is why IT is always getting a large chunk of the company’s budget. Innovative enterprises are always looking for new technologies to support their business objectives and enhance their processes to win more customers. […]

How the cloud transformed the business environment over the years

Cloud computing has changed the information technology landscape. There have been a lot of talks about its agility, flexibility and scalability. Its power has gotten the attention of many organizations. It has gained widespread acceptance across the globe. Many entrepreneurs and IT leaders have switched to the cloud and make it their preferred solution because […]

How cloud can transform a Chief Information Officer (CIO) into a Chief Acceleration Officer (CAO)

As a CIO, do you agree that you are the best person in the company to lead the digital transformation? If you are still dealing with obsolete technology systems, it’s time to evolve with modernity and assume a more strategic role in influencing your business’s future, using the cloud as your weapon. Your transformation to […]