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How the cloud transformed the business environment over the years

Cloud computing has changed the information technology landscape. There have been a lot of talks about its agility, flexibility and scalability. Its power has gotten the attention of many organizations. It has gained widespread acceptance across the globe. Many entrepreneurs and IT leaders have switched to the cloud and make it their preferred solution because […]

How cloud can transform a Chief Information Officer (CIO) into a Chief Acceleration Officer (CAO)

As a CIO, do you agree that you are the best person in the company to lead the digital transformation? If you are still dealing with obsolete technology systems, it’s time to evolve with modernity and assume a more strategic role in influencing your business’s future, using the cloud as your weapon. Your transformation to […]

What’s the Buzz about Cloud and Why Do Flexible Business Solutions Move There (Part 2 of 2)

In part 1, we discussed why everyone is talking about the cloud, why do business applications move to the cloud, and what key benefits do organizations get when they move to the said platform. Here, we will discuss why many companies still retain on-premise solutions, the cloud security issue, and the ever-evolving cloud technology. What’s […]

What’s the Buzz about the Cloud and Why Do Flexible Business Solutions Move There (Part 1 of 2)

Cloud computing is now embedded in many organization’s DNA. Everybody is talking about it. In fact, you are using it now, without you even realizing. Whenever you access social media, use Dropbox, open online payment systems, and other online services, you become a consumer of cloud computing. Why is the cloud becoming prevalent and gaining […]

Guess who’s on its way to the Cloud? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)!

Like most other business systems, enterprise resource planning software is moving to the cloud. This says a lot about cloud services because ERP systems have always been on premise, and it suffered from being costly, difficult and takes a long time to both deploy and maintain, and inflexible. It is also notorious for its outdated […]

Top Things to Watch Out for in Tech this 2015

The thing with technology is that it is always changing and dynamic.  Technologies rise, and in due time, they become obsolete.  Some have been around for quite some time but have never really hit primetime just yet.  Others reign for so long that they change the way things are done forever. Because it is close […]

Cloud Computing and the World of Virtualization: What Should We Know About It?

Because they are closely connected to each other, virtualization and cloud computing are often confused to mean the same thing.  The casual layman, or even somebody from a service provider, treats both as the same.  Both cloud and virtualization address the same issues: making your computing perform better while also freeing up your resources for […]