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Tags: Digital Transformation

Understanding the Mystery of Digital Transformation

A significant portion of the business sector has jumped into the digital bandwagon. Many of these companies recognize the advantages of using a digital platform for managing their daily business activities. However, not all of these enterprises really understand the meaning of digital transformation. Why Businesses Are Going Digital So, why are businesses switching to […]

Communication, Education and Shared Responsibility: The keys to security in the age of digital transformation

Even in a world where technology is constantly developing, security is a major issue. Day in and day out, we hear of news about data breaches and other similar threats, so much so that they have become quite the norm. And this becomes a more relevant factor if you talk about the business industry. A […]

Digital Transformation and MySQL in the Financial Services Sector – Part 2

  The first part of this article focused on digital technology and how it has overtaken practically every aspect of our life. It also talked about the importance of a stable and reliable digital infrastructure and how it can offer convenience for a much better business processes. It likewise enumerated the reasons why MySQL should […]

Digital Transformation and MySQL in the Financial Services Sector – Part 1

  Nowadays, almost everything is being changed and/or controlled by technology. In the past, we used to read the news only from newspapers and the dailies. Today, we can access news through the World Wide Web, whenever and wherever we want to. Back in the 70s and 80s, we had to call our friends on […]

How the Cloud is Shaping the Future of Businesses: Enterprise digital transformation and more

Cloud computing is now being used by organizations of all kinds and sizes worldwide, from small businesses, large corporations to government organizations. It has quickly evolved from a disruptive technological innovation to a universal phenomenon. And the cloud users continue to grow. In the US alone, the percentage of small businesses using cloud computing is […]

Accelerating Digital Business Transformation (Part 2 of 2)

Digital transformation is now an integral part of the economic landscape. It has penetrated many organizations across the globe and has tremendously affected many facets of life, especially customer experience. In this part two of a 2-part article, we will discuss the evolution of digital transformation economy or DX economy, and how it is present […]

Accelerating Digital Business Transformation (Part 1 of 2)

In this digital age, we are witnessing a more agile and innovative business landscape. The progress of digital technologies is greatly affecting the business processes and the pace of its growth continues to accelerate. Digital transformation is an impressive, exciting journey. Its profound impact in our daily life and the society cannot go unnoticed. In […]