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Thomas Kurian Talks about Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release3

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Thomas Kurian is the president of Oracle Product Development.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c allows you to free up your IT personnel’s time while also making sure that you can deliver your cloud services a lot faster.  It helps streamline your IT management in the following areas:

·         Cloud

·         Apps

·         Middleware

·         Database

·         Virtualization and Hardware

·         Application Performance

·         Application Quality

·         Exalogic and Exadata

With more and more enterprises and organizations embracing the cloud, you would need to have an efficient way to manage your IT resources.  This is where Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release3 excels as it helps you reduce costs and paves the way for simplified business IT and cloud environments.

Thomas Kurian, executive vice president for product development at Oracle, reveals that they worked on the current release for three years, translating to 4 million developer hours, to come up with more than 200 new features and more than 50 enhancements.  Kurian also reveals that Oracle Enterprise Manager seeks to automate, simplify and modernize the enterprise data center and represents a big investment for Oracle.  He also says that every area in Oracle has a stake in the software, from middleware to applications to other products. It is one of the company’s biggest software development groups.

Now, you could use a single Oracle Enterprise Manager instance to effectively manage half a million targets!

Kurian also relates that the third release is highly modular, making upgrades very simple by isolating the management server, plugins, agents and the framework.

Enterprise Manager 12c also comes with an improved interface that is customizable.  Now you can see all the metrics and targets you want and only those that matter to you.  Further, you can monitor both software and hardware in one screen making way for ease in troubleshooting and analysis of entire stacks.

But most importantly, Kurian points out that the Enterprise Manager 12c Release 3 has a new set of cloud life cycle management features.  Other benefits you could get from the third release include extended engineered systems management to comprise both exalogic and exadata.  It also has the change activity planner that helps admins create, plan, execute and monitor long-term automated tasks for you data center.

These on top of a host of improved features help make the Enterprise Manager 12c the standard for management software.

If you want to experience the benefits currently enjoyed by thousands of Oracle customers using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 3, then you simply must contact Four Cornerstone.  We can help you get your head wrapped around Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 3 and get it up and running for your business.  The premise is simple, if you are currently using Oracle products, you simply need Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c to help you manage these.  If you want to easily automate a lot of your data center tasks and operations, you need the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.

And if you need the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, you can rely on Four Cornerstone to make the most out of your IT investments.

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