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Top 12 Features You Can Only Get from Oracle Database 12c (Part 1)

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Simply create your database, connect to the database instance, and go.

Oracle really makes it worth your while to upgrade when they come out with a new release of their most popular software.  The same thing applies with Oracle Database 12c.

Oracle Database 12c has some pretty neat new and improved features and functionality that you should know about.  And here are 6 (out of 12) of the top improvements and new features that you could expect from Oracle Database 12c:

1. Best PL/SQL ever

Oracle Database 12c has made some nice improvements when it comes to PL/SQL, including an improved PL/SQL function result cache, better execution in SQL and better control over privileges.  Oracle Database 12c also has a whitelist now.  What these allow you to do include being able to optimize the invoker rights when working with the RESULT_CACHE clause and putting in PL/SQL even inside SQL statements.  You can also use the ACCESSIBLE BY clause to disallow access to different program units.  Rules and privileges are also granted on a unit level.

2. Improve defaults

Defaults have long been supported in SQL, but until 12c, it was more or less limited.  For one, you cannot use a SEQUENCE object to give a default value.  You also need more work in order to update or insert a default value inside a table. And you also have to take the database offline if you needed to add a new column that would accept NULL values along with a default value.

Oracle Database 12c does not have these restrictions and limitations.

3. Higher size limits

You also get higher size limits, like the case of varchar2, which can now store data of 32k or less.

4. Easy Top End and Pagination

Before, Oracle Database 12c pagination was one of the most cumbersome things that you could do with your database.  Also, it was not intuitive nor was it very portable.  Oracle Database 12c came with support for row limiting clause, which are ANSI-based clauses that allow you to paginate through the result set.

5. Row Pattern Matching

You can now use the MATCH_RECOGNIZE clause to partition a set of data into sets of data that do not overlap with each other, sort these separate sets and then look for patterns between these sets.  This allows you to find patterns in your data a whole lot quicker.

6. Better Partitioning

With Oracle Database 12c,you can get easy partitioning that allows you to maintain multiple partitions simultaneously.  You also have interval and referenced partitioning together and you can now transfer partition data online.

Do not get us wrong, the list does not stop here.  In fact, in Part 2 of this article, we are going to give you six more.  So if, for some reason, you are not yet using Oracle Database 12c, these are just some of the things that you are missing out on.

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