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Top 3 Big Data Trends for Business Intelligence

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It is wise to leverage on big data to drive greater efficiencies in your business operations and make better decisions fast.

In today’s modern age, big data becomes a big thing for many organizations. Given the right tools and techniques, you can exploit your company’s massive volumes of data and turn them into more valuable sets of information. As a smart business leader, if big data can generate new business insights that allow you to work more productively and make better decisions, will you not embrace this technology trend?

Gartner, an American IT research and advisory firm, identified the trends that define the capability of big data to transform the way you do business and how it will affect your enterprise in the near future.

  1. Over the next five years, organizations will use data to enhance the business processes and eradicate 80% of outdated processes and products.

The continued growth of technology will automate and digitalize the traditional operational processes. Within your organization, including your employees and customers, your business will be actively engaged in the process through digital means. Business leaders will be making decisions based on what Gartner calls “automated judgment”.

By 2020, the Internet of Things (IoT) will further dominate the industry. Things will become agents not just for people and businesses, but also for services that are currently delivered through human intervention.

  1. In two years’ time, over 30% of enterprise access to big data will be made through data broker services.

In this competitive business world, organizations must gain insights on business trends, industry happenings and other relevant information that affect the business. To truly gain useful real-time insights and situation awareness, you cannot just rely on the data that are available within your organization. Such information is insufficient in achieving a high level of knowledge, which you need to make smarter business decisions. You need to refer to external data sources including websites, social media sites, and open government data. However, the quality of data from these sources is highly fragmented.

Then comes a new class of cloud services that are business-centric. The quality of data delivered by data brokers are of premium quality that can be used as context for making smarter decisions, be it human or automated.

  1. Two years from now, more than 20% of analytic deployments facing the customers will provide product-tracking information.

Leveraging on the ever-increasing popularity and proven usefulness of the IoT, more and more products will be manufactured with sensors. This customer-facing analytics create an opportunity for organizations to enhance transparency and reinforce customer and partner relationships. What’s more, it also offers a key-differentiating factor for your business.

The pace of business technology evolution continues to accelerate at full speed, and you need to stay ahead of competition. It is then wise to leverage on big data to drive greater efficiencies in your business operations and make better decisions fast.

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