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Top 5 Roadblocks to Cloud Adoption Journey

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Some companies remain uncertain because they haven’t seen how cloud applications actually work.

In this tech-savvy business world, cloud application adoption continues to thrive. Many organizations, from small, medium, to large enterprises have either embraced or started to show interest in implementing cloud applications.

Despite its popularity though, there remains barriers in the cloud adoption journey. Some companies prefer to hold on to their traditional technology culture and not rock the boat.

What are the major obstacles to adopting cloud applications? Some barriers are due to budget limitations while some are based on technical, regulatory and /or organizational issues.

  1. Financial barrier

It comes as no surprise that budget is the top stumbling block for adopting the cloud. Blame it on the gloomy economy, which continues to limit an organization’s budget not only for business applications but also for overall IT expenditures. This financial obstacle restricts companies in purchasing cloud application primarily because they’ve already invested in other business priorities.

  1. Security concern

Despite the strict security measures implemented by many cloud service providers, security remains a decision barrier for some organizations to consider cloud app. There is still a lot of skepticism among IT executives concerning data security and privacy issues. The concern is that cloud computing is not secure because there is third party involved.

This concern happens because of lack of full understanding of the cloud architecture as well as the code and data characteristics of the said platform.

  1. Automation disadvantage

Automation is one of cloud computing’s positive feature. However, some companies consider it a setback because they view automation as an obstruction to having full control of their infrastructure and IT environment. Instead of controlling their environment, they feel that the tools provided by the cloud provider limit their actions.

  1. Stuck with legacy applications

Some users have become too comfortable with the functionality delivered by their legacy application that they are not open to embracing modern, agile programs. These “traditional” users are happy with the way their legacy system is supporting their daily business activities. Despite the fact that those legacy applications are not capable of handling the ever-changing requirements of the modern business world, some users continue to keep them for the less dynamic business needs. As a result, IT executives are overloaded with many applications to maintain, including those that are not often used.

  1. Doubtful benefits

Cloud providers boast of the many benefits their cloud application can offer. However, some IT professionals and business leaders remain skeptical if all the benefits the cloud applications offer are for real and if they will truly be beneficial for their organization. Some companies remain uncertain because they haven’t seen how cloud applications actually work.

Cloud adoption is quickly becoming a significant journey for many entrepreneurs. Are you ready to tread the same path? Four Cornerstone has experts who can help you overcome these cloud adoption drawbacks and realize its many benefits instead. Our Oracle Consulting in Dallas will help answer any doubts and fears you may have about cloud computing. Contact us now!

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