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Top 5 Ways to Effectively Handle Vulnerability Risk Management

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You must be well equipped to eliminate the root causes and be ready to mitigate the vulnerabilities.

New vulnerability risk management solutions come hand in hand with persisting technology-driven business threats. Vulnerability management is important as it protects the IT environment against malicious attacks and security exposures. It also improves compliance to industry and government regulations.

However, challenges surround the usage of vulnerability risk management. These hurdles have a significant impact on the company’s stability as well as the team’s productivity and effectiveness.

Here are some ways to help you handle the barriers to an effective vulnerability risk management.

  1. Plan out and prioritize.

There are many manual processes involved in vulnerability risk management – from scanning and detection to verification and analysis of vulnerabilities. Don’t let your IT team be overwhelmed with all these manual processes. Smart organizations follow a workflow for mitigation and remediation, and then monitor the status. They also identify and prioritize the risks that have an impact on their business functions rather than just aimlessly shoot at all the vulnerabilities every single day.

  1. Be proactive.

Many organizations fall into the trap of recovering from a cyber attack instead of focusing on ways to prevent a security breach. Companies should prioritize prevention instead of putting most of their efforts in resolving the damage. Be well prepared in mitigating risks through closer monitoring of external real-time threats and internal security matters. Security vulnerabilities can also come from wrong settings – so be proactive in identifying possible errors in the server configuration, file settings and other areas related to deployment.

  1. Groom your IT security team.

If soldiers are not well trained and prepared, they will lose the battle. The same principle applies to your IT team. It will be difficult for them to face the war against cyber criminals if they lack the expertise. Never allow this dilemma to bring you down. Overcome it. Don’t lose the digital battle and end up a victim of security vulnerabilities.

  1. Be mindful when expanding your wings.

In today’s modern world, when your technology is not limited to your on-premise environment, you are opening your world to higher security risk. And it is not just the cloud services. Other areas vulnerable to security attacks also include the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile applications, and the BYOD practice of many organizations where employees bring their own devices to work.

Address all these vulnerabilities to ensure that all items connected to your applications and networks are secure.

  1. Shield your environment by leveraging new technologies.

Both external attacks and internal threats continue to proliferate the IT environment. The good news is there are new technologies available to ward off the deluge of vulnerabilities and attacks. Stay in control by using the technology provided by several vulnerability management tools.


To survive these security threats, your organization must learn to be proactive rather than reactive. The war with vulnerabilities is an ongoing battle. You must be well equipped to eliminate the root causes and be ready to mitigate the vulnerabilities.

Contact Four Cornerstone now if you want to stay ahead of the security risks that continue to threaten the technology world. You can tap us for the insights and knowledge on vulnerability risk management.

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