Top 6 BPaaS Offerings

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BPaaS has changed the way business applications were created.

Do you want to drive more value to your business and cut cost at the same time? What if there is a tool you can use to increase automation and lower labor cost?

Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) delivers business process outsourcing (BPO) services including HR functions, procurement, marketing, advertising and business operations. Using a cloud computing service model, BPaaS is the ideal solution for organizations that would like to focus more on their core business and outsource back-office enterprise processes. This option reduces cost and enables organizations to operate more efficiently.

BPaaS offerings

  1. Automated business processes

In today’s business climate, customers are demanding and are always looking for method improvement.

BPaaS changed the business process landscape. Using technology to create high-quality performance, organizations can achieve business process excellence. Optimization is inherent in the solution, and this characteristic makes BPaaS one of the most preferred tools by the BPO industry.

  1. End-to-end process visibility

BPaaS delivers enhanced visibility of processes to all participating parties not just within the organization but also to retailers and distributors. This feature can save a lot of time and resources especially when the process involves many participants.

  1. Better customer relationship

Leveraging on the organized data and standardized yet customizable processes, organizations achieve enhanced customer relationship. Imagine having all the relevant information about the customers, with their preferences and history available in the system. This function shortens the scheme, which makes customers feel more valued.

  1. Cost savings

Utilizing BPaaS for outsourcing back-office functions saves corporations a lot of money on operating costs. With this option, you don’t need to worry about implementing and investing in infrastructure and other platforms for the solution. BPaaS eliminates the requirement for large IT capital expenditure. In addition, BPaaS’s flexible pricing model offers long-term savings because you pay according to your business needs. The modules are both integrated and modular, so you can opt either to get the full end-to-end service or you can start with a stand-alone offering to meet your specific demand. What’s more, there is no maintenance cost involved when you use BPaaS.

  1. Core business focus

Since you don’t need to go through several IT procurement and implementation procedures, as well as hiring and deploying resources and assets, you can immediately focus on your core business functions. This approach allows you to achieve faster time to market.

  1. Revolutionized development of business applications

BPaaS has changed the way business applications were created. This is because it allows enterprises to create a more manageable set of business applications to run on top of BPaaS platform. In such situation, architects and developers can develop applications with only a few coding needed.

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