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Top 6 Features of Oracle Database 12c

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 Oracle Database 12c gives you a lot of new features and enhancements, making it easy for you to consider upgrading.

Exciting things are in store for users of Oracle Database 12c.  It simply makes it easier for you to be on the cloud.

But what are the top features of this new Oracle product? Read on and be amazed!

1.     Duplicate indexes are now allowed.  With the previous editions of Oracle Database, creating duplicate indexes leads to an error.  Now duplicate indexes are possible, allowing you to create both b-tree and bitmap indexes in the same column, for instance.

2.     Pluggable databases.  Talk about portability.  With pluggable databases, you can create container databases that will have all the data you need, then create a pluggable database that you can later unplug and place in another container database.  The pluggable database is functional and usable in just seconds!

3.     PL/SQL Security.  The new Database 12c also helps make PL/SQL procedures design and code development for Oracle databases easier and more secure.  Now you can assign a role to a certain code unit, allowing you to know who can access that unit of code.

4.     Concurrent execution of union branches.  It used to be that union queries were executed one after the other.  Now it is possible for Oracle to execute union queries at the same time.  This could help lessen the amount of wait time as well as improve your SQL elapsed time.

5.     Global Data Services.  Instead of just balancing the workload of different instances, Oracle Database 12c can now work among different databases with Global Data Services.  It can also help you direct applications to a database that can best serve it using Global Data Listener, thus giving you more availability.  This is because instead of letting the connection fail, it will be redirected to another database.

6.     New Recovery Manager.  The new RMAN can make it easier to restore a single table.  Instead of using a tablespace restore, you can now just use RMAN.  Oracle has enhanced this so that RMAN now supports native compression even during active duplication, helping you clone databases effortlessly.

Notable minor enhancements in Database 12c:

  • Database 12c supports IPv6, an important move since IPv4 addresses are fast becoming exhausted.
  • Parallel upgrades are now possible with Database 12c, allowing to roll upgrades out without any downtime.
  • Store passwords in automatic storage management, allowing you to execute grants in only one instance.

Oracle Database 12c gives you a lot of new features and enhancements, making it easy for you to consider upgrading. These new features enable you to easily manage a cloud database as well as give you the chance to enhance resource utilization.

Be sure to take advantage of these with Four Cornerstone’s help.  Either with Database 12c or earlier iterations, Four Cornerstone can help you with:

  • Data warehouse and data-mart schema design & ETL developments
  • Database logical area work
  • Relational schema & entity design
  • SQL design and code development for MySQL databases
  • Transaction SQL design & code development for MS-SQL Servers

Contact Four Cornerstone today and experience the benefits that you can only get from Oracle Database 12c without having to wait!

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