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The Top Four Features of Oracle Database Cloud Service

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With Oracle Database Cloud Service, you are assured of the product’s availability at all times for your IT team and end users.

Oracle Database Cloud Service offers a robust product that encompasses the simplicity of cloud computing and the power which Oracle technology is renowned for. More than just eliminating capital expenditure and reducing operating expenses, Oracle Database Cloud Service delivers insurmountable value and many useful benefits to users.

Here are the top four proven features, benefits and functionalities of Oracle Database Cloud Service.

  1. Portability

The fact that Oracle Database Cloud Service is built on Oracle Database makes the portability feature inherent to the product. It is completely compatible to any platform that supports Oracle Database. For convenience and a more effective business continuity, you can access Oracle Database Cloud Service any time, anywhere through the Internet – from a desktop, tablet to any mobile device.

The business environment is evolving, and your technology environment must then be flexible enough to grow with the business. It is not good for you and your business if your cloud service provider has limitations and offers no protection to your investment when the need to leave their environment arises.

Thankfully, Oracle Database Cloud Service can conveniently adhere to your specific conditions. With Oracle Database Cloud Service, you get the flexibility and support to bring your applications and data with you when your business requires you to move your platform. And if what you need is a combination of private and public clouds for both your development and deployment, Oracle Database Cloud Service is the right solution.

  1. Performance

Performance is one of the key determinants to any system’s success.

A robust product, Oracle Database Cloud Service delivers exceptional performance in a single offering. It is designed to accelerate your productivity and maximize your business performance by providing you valuable tools and a set of applications that are proven by many organizations to provide immediate benefits.

Through Oracle’s proven technology, it offers the following performance-centric features that have been witnessed by several industries for decades:

  • Multi­-version Read Consistency – this prohibits database writers from blocking read processes and database readers from blocking write operations. This functionality is critically important in a multi-user environment. It also ensures a consistent view of data.
  • World-class Query Optimizer – its role is to guarantee optimal performance for all types of data queries, be it simple read and write queries or highly complex analytic queries.
  • Multiple types of indexes – this allows you to choose a specific index type that will be most beneficial to your particular case.
  • Materialized Views – this powerful feature provides you with pre-computed aggregates. Oracle Database does not have to perform the calculations during runtime. With Materialized Views, you don’t need to modify your SQL for queries.

What’s more, Oracle Database Cloud Service runs on the most advanced database platform, the Oracle Exadata Database Machine. This platform sets a new benchmark for database performance.

The Smart Scan and storage indexes offer an unmatched capability to handle large queries. And for extreme performance and availability, more processing power and memory were added to Exadata Storage Servers.

Oracle Database Cloud Service also has Application Express that you can use to easily develop robust business applications. The tool allows you to modify your apps in real-time and deploys them instantly to the cloud.

  1. Availability

Cloud computing offers universal access to users. It is one of the cloud’s key features. However, this benefit is still highly dependent on the availability of the cloud service itself.

With Oracle Database Cloud Service, you are assured of the product’s availability at all times for your IT team and end users – thanks to the unique and proven features of Oracle Database and Exadata database platform.

To ensure that your data will always be available and protected against any failure, Oracle Database Cloud Service has back up procedures. This functionality conforms to industry best practices and do not require user intervention.

Data redundancy feature is what makes Oracle Database Cloud Service a reliable solution. It uses triple data mirroring to protect you against disk failures. This feature offers peace of mind because even if two disk drives fail simultaneously, you still have a third copy of your data.

Server failures? No worry! With the use of Oracle Active Data Guard, Oracle Database Cloud Service protects you against server failures. And when it comes to instance failures, Real Application Clusters come to the rescue. This tool enables automatic failover to another instance in case a failure occurs.

Another remarkable feature of Oracle Database Cloud Service is its flashback capability. This allows you to see your data in its previous form and enables you to recover quickly from user errors like inadvertent deletion of data.

  1. Security

The use of public cloud always raises concerns about data security. Oracle changed this market outlook with its decades long, solid experience in architecting database with an utmost concern for security. Protecting the integrity of stored data is one of Oracle’s key focuses. Millions of happy customers worldwide can validate this claim.

Oracle Database Cloud Service has many well-thought security measures in place. It is built on a multi-tenant architecture and uses dedicated schemas to provide boundaries for tenant isolation. Dedicated schemas provide complete isolation to each business data, ensuring data security. In addition, the Oracle Cloud infrastructure has several levels of protection against service denials attacks.

Oracle also has a unique Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) feature that encrypts the data whenever it is stored either in the backup files or database. TDE protects the stored data from unauthorized access or malicious use. Oracle Database automatically handles the encryption and decryption processes. As such, no need for user intervention.

If you believe your business needs a boost in performance, take advantage of the power and flexibility of Oracle Database Cloud Service.

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