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The Top Gamification Tools You Can Use For Your Enterprise

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The good news is that there are tools that you can use to help you add gamification to your enterprise apps.

Gamification makes tedious everyday tasks fun. For some employees, gamifying their tasks not only makes it fun but it helps them look forward to working every day. As to customers, gamification allows you to engage more of them for a far longer time.

Oracle reports that gamification gives you:

1. Engaged workers, helping them become committed to what they do as well as your business goals.
2. Better CRMs. By gamifying your customer relationship management, your sales personnel have incentives to enter customer data into your CRM.
3. Better employee performance. Oracle revealed that Live Ops, an outsourced call center firm, saw a 23% improvement in call metrics and 9% better satisfaction ratings after they introduced gamification elements into their training and tasks.
4. Customers spend more time with you. Gamification allows you to engage your customers too. Oracle revealed that customers spend more time on your site and are more likely to be loyal if you use gamification tactics.

The good news is that there are tools that you can use to help you add gamification to your enterprise apps.

One is the SAP Enterprise Gamification Platform, which allows you to introduce gamification elements even to the most complex and largest enterprise systems that you have. The platform has a service oriented and event driven architecture. It allows you to set the rule management system, the rules and mechanics of the game, and the event processing agents you need for your gamification. You control and manage all elements via a user interface. The beauty of the platform is that you can use it for multiple solutions, meaning that your ERP, CRM and SCM applications as well as cloud-based application can be gamified as you wish.

The SAP Enterprise Gamification Platform can handle points, points based or game based levels, trophies, achievements, badges, missions, marketplaces, virtual goods, virtual rooms, real goods, goods, time pressure, random outcomes, avatars, role play, profiles, narrative context, leaderboards, activity feeds, puzzles, riddles and notifications, among others. Plus you get to add in different interaction and feedback mechanisms as well.

Then you have Badgeville, which allows you to employ game, reputation, and social mechanics, as well as behavior analytics to your applications. With Badgeville, you can duly recognize your users’ behaviors, by awarding them with achievements, points, rewards and missions. You can allow them to compete and level up, or be recognized on leaderboards. You can also gamify your apps and software to help introduce them and network with relevant people, actions and content. What’s more, you will no longer guess as to how successful your gamification processes are because you have behavioral analytics to measure and analyze success.

Badgeville works with Web sites, mobile apps, online communities, and e-Commerce sites. It can be used on various platforms, including Sharepoint, Yammer, Jive, Oracle systems and others. They provide APIs, Javascript SDKs, visualizations and a widget studio for you to use.

Other gamification platforms you can use include Bunchball, Bigdoor, Beintoo, Objective Logistics, Rypple, Socialtype, Gamify.it, SCVNGR, CloudCaptive, Practically Green, and GameMaki.

As always, you can rely on Four Cornerstone when you want to get into gamification. Our team of experts know what’s the best technology that is available out there, helping you get know what you need to know.

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