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The Top Four Modules of Oracle Database Cloud Service

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When you have a unique combination of cloud computing’s ease of use and Oracle technology’s robustness and power, you are equipped with the best-in-class database cloud service.

Oracle Database Cloud Service is a complete environment that is built on the powerful Oracle Database technology. It runs on the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, which is considered as the most advanced database platform in the world. The Database Cloud Service has three core components – the RESTful Web service access, the Oracle Application Express, and a set of business applications that can be quickly installed in just a few clicks.

Let’s have a closer look at all the major components of Oracle Database Cloud Service and the enormous functionality and benefits it delivers.

Oracle Database

With a solid two-decade history in enterprise database, Oracle provides a powerful platform for Oracle Database Cloud Service.

All the robust features and data structures of the Oracle Database are also inherent in the Database Cloud Service. And all this power of Oracle Database is completely available to you. Take advantage of SQL for data interaction. After all, it’s being used for countless enterprise applications worldwide. For application development, you can utilize PL/SQL. It has been the foundation of application development for over 20 years.

Java Cloud Service uses the Oracle Database Cloud Service for all data operations, including deploying Java applications in the cloud. The Oracle Database Cloud Service adopts a shared schema architecture. This approach enables full transparency and provides efficient use of database resources at the same time.

Oracle Database is a multi­user system that is ideal for sharing data. This capability makes Oracle Database Cloud Service to easily share resources among multiple Database Cloud Service customers.

Oracle Exadata

Another powerful feature of Oracle Database Cloud Service is that it runs on Oracle Exadata database machine. This high-performing platform optimizes the database operation by utilizing techniques and technology that significantly improve the database performance. Considered as the most cost effective platform to run Oracle database, Oracle Exadata helps you achieve enhanced performance without the need to crack the code of complex tuning.

Oracle Exadata is an up-to-date platform that boasts of industry standard database servers, highly efficient storage servers, and an extremely fast InfiniBand internal fabric. The exceptionally intelligent algorithms in Exadata perform database intelligence in storage and InfiniBand networking that delivers extreme performance at reduced costs.

The Exadata database machine is easy and quick to implement. It is the ultimate solution to protect your most valuable database and is the ideal platform for all database workloads. The database machine runs all available types of workloads, such as Data Warehousing, Online Transaction Processing, In-Memory Analytics, and a combination of different workloads.

RESTful Web Services

The RESTful Web services are one of the standard methods to access data in the cloud. The services allow interactions with data sources through the use of URIs. The interaction includes data services –select, update, insert and delete.

Included in the Database Cloud Service is a RESTful Web service wizard. This function allows you to easily create web services. It also makes it easy for you to define a few attributes for your web service and then use SQL and PL/SQL to implement database operations. The RESTful Web services wizard returns data in JSON format by default. However, you can still use PL/SQL to format the data in any way. The wizard also lets you include embedded links to detail records through some format selection, without the need for any additional coding.

Having RESTful Web services in the Oracle Database Cloud Service makes Oracle Database’s data easy to use.

Oracle Application Express (APEX)

Each Oracle Database Cloud Service comes with an Oracle Application Express (APEX), which gives you the power of productivity in the cloud. APEX is a robust application that is used for developing and deploying applications in a browser-­based environment.

APEX is a rapid application that gives developers the capability to create applications in minutes. Once the application is created, it becomes immediately available. The developers can then instantly work with the business users to refine the functionality of the application in line with the organization’s objectives.

Oracle Application Express offers wizards that simplify and speed up the process of application development. With APEX apps, you can also implement a wide range of functionality to meet your business requirements.

The capability to create and deploy applications and do modifications in real-time offers overwhelming benefit to your organization. Imagine having the ability to create mission-critical applications and excellent finished products because of these robust features.

As a result, developers become more productive and creative in performing their roles.

Oracle Application Express also has productivity features including interactive reports. This functionality enables business users to analyze the data without your IT team’s intervention. It also enables users to create web sheets, which give them full control of their business applications.

APEX has almost unlimited capabilities. Oracle Application Express can also take care of your data structures and user groups. In addition, it helps developers manage their projects and communications.

What’s more, Oracle Cloud’s simplicity equates to reduced costs for your organization. Since you can access Oracle Cloud components through a wide variety of client platforms, the maintenance cost of your cloud-based solutions is dramatically cut down.

Both Oracle Application Express and your APEX apps are built on a technology platform that resides within Oracle Database. As such, all your applications can easily run on any Oracle platform, from Oracle Database Cloud Service to Oracle Database XE.

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