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The Top Oracle Products for Mid-Size Companies: Part 1

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Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management can make it easier for you to come up with business strategies.

Businesses run differently. Depending on the nature and, of course, the size of your business, you will need different tools, software and IT investments.  If you run a medium-sized company, it would be foolish to tailor your IT after a small business because your tools and your resources may never be enough.  Similarly, you will not need the IT requirements and setup of a large company.

Oracle knows this!  With close to 300,000 mid-sized customers using Oracle products and services, the company knows what they need to succeed and gives it to them.

So what are the top Oracle products for mid-sized businesses like yours?

Oracle Customer Experience

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business, and it is very important that you give them positive experiences every time you interact with them.

You need to establish trust, build relationships and add value in order to sell more.  And this is where Oracle Customer Experience helps.

Oracle Customer Experience is based on the best customer relationship management (CRM) software out there, with industry and commerce solutions mixed in.  It is also the most comprehensive customer relationship management software that is ready for the cloud.  It helps you every step of the way, from sales and marketing, delivery fulfillment, after-sales support, to engagement and relationship building.  You can rely on Oracle Customer Experience to make everything easier for you.

The takeaway, Oracle Customer Experience will help you retain your current customers and get new ones.

Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management

Using Oracle Business Analytics, you can get all the data you need in order to know just how your business is doing, giving you a good idea about where your business is right now, how to strategize and plan, how to streamline your operations and even what opportunities are out there and how to capture these.

In short, you gain insight on what you are doing well and what you need to improve on.  But having all of these analytics would amount to nothing if you do not track it, or if you do not know what to do about the data made available to you.

Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management can help with that.  How?

It allows you:

  • to use Microsoft Office and Web interfaces so you do not have to learn another spreadsheet program
  • to access a variety of reporting tools
  • to get information delivered via mobile

The suite of software you get with Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management can make it easier for you to:

  • come up with business strategies
  • plan, set up a budget and make forecasts
  • create financial reports
  • manage costs and profitability

Other applications you should know about:

Oracle’s Enterprise Resource Planning for Midsize Companies offers solutions that could help you with financials, project management, risk, compliance and governance.

Human Capital Management helps you manage your employees from sourcing and recruitment to pay and benefits management, to social tools and other areas of human resources management.

Oracle Supply Chain Management gives you all the tools and information you need in order to manage your supply chain.  It helps you plan and execute a value chain, as well as manage your product through various stages of its lifecycle, simplify procurement, maintenance and manufacturing.

Interested in any of these applications, but do not know where to start?  Or are you using these applications now and want your employees to learn it?  Then call Four Cornerstone! We can help you with all of your needs that are related to Oracle products and services.

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