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The Top Oracle Products for Mid-Size Companies: Part 2

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 Oracle and its partners offer the Oracle Accelerate for Midsize Companies service so that you could deploy business-class solutions.

In Part 1 of this two-part series, we talked about the top Oracle applications that every mid-sized business owner should look into.  We continue with more of Oracle’s top products for medium-sized companies.

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service

In marketing, there is a new way of doing things and it involves marketing automation.  Use Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service to help you target your customers better, execute marketing and e-mail campaigns, and even help your marketing and sales departments work together.

This is just one of Oracle’s cloud solutions.  The good news is that Oracle has cloud versions of its most popular software.  Customers can easily use Oracle’s cloud offerings and be able to run several cloud applications, such as Oracle Cloud Customer Service and Support, Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management, Talent Management for Small and Medium Businesses and Oracle Cloud Sales and Marketing.

Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition

If you want a full-featured data management software that is also light on the budget, then look no further than Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition.  This is great for medium-sized companies and includes a pluggable database that is ready for the cloud.  It is very simple and easy to install and configure.

When it comes to database, nobody beats Oracle.  Oracle’s other database products, including embedded databases, Oracle Real Application Clusters,  MySQL, and Oracle Database Appliance, can all give you business-class performance, security, reliability and security.

Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition

Medium-sized businesses need to have a server that can run their services and applications without a hitch.  The Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition does that and also gives businesses the best environment for application development.

Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition supports Java EE application programming interfaces, as well as Web 2.0, messaging and SOA support.  On top of that, you can efficiently monitor and manage your applications with its intuitive console.

Oracle WebCenter Sites

Simply put, Oracle WebCenter Sites helps businesses come up with great Web sites and other online properties.  With a contextually relevant and interactive online site, you can easily engage your customers, no matter where they are.  They could be on mobile devices, social media or the Web, and you will still be able to interact with them.

Oracle Data Integration

Data is what sets your business apart and gives you that edge over your competitors.  The problem is that data might come from different sources, and most likely in different forms.

Oracle Data Integration helps you collate and access all the data available to you so that you can get the information you need from one place, in real time.

Oracle Data Integration, Oracle WebCenter Sites and Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition are just three of Oracle’s Fusion Middleware that helps midsized businesses create and execute their own business applications in such a way that their IT resources are maximized.  If you find these three useful, take a look at Oracle Service Bus, Business Intelligence Standard Edition One, Oracle Identity Manager and other middleware available to you.

Oracle Accelerate for Midsize Companies

Admittedly, there are just a lot of Oracle products and services that medium-sized businesses should take advantage of.  If you are having problems looking for software, products and solutions offered by Oracle that would solve your problems, give Four Cornerstone a call.  We can help you find out which products would help you do more with your IT resources.

We can also help you with Oracle Accelerate for Midsize Companies!

Oracle and its partners offer the Oracle Accelerate for Midsize Companies service so that you could deploy business-class solutions and software for your organization.  And Four Cornerstone is a proud partner in this initiative.  You get our experienced team of Oracle experts doing the deployment for you.  These are packaged solutions that are industry-specific, helping you get all the tools you need to be competitive.

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Infographic courtesy of Oracle.

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