The latest trend and forecast in IT spending

Business innovation is a hot topic for many, if not all, organizations worldwide. The key to achieving this is technology, which is why IT is always getting a large chunk of the company’s budget. Innovative enterprises are always looking for new technologies to support their business objectives and enhance their processes to win more customers. […]

A Free and Automated Security Certificate to Encrypt the Entire Web

Imagine the enormous amount of confidential data keyed in over the Internet every single day – from usernames and passwords to credit card information and other sensitive data. It is next to impossible for customers to be in control of their data once they are inputted over the web. If all these data are not […]

What is the Common Crawl Initiative?

Common Crawl scours the entire World Wide Web and archives all the pages it goes through. The organization then works to give everyone free access to its archives and data sets. According to the organization, it currently has petabytes of data that they have collected in seven years of crawling the Web. In 2012, the […]

What Does Net Neutrality Mean to Enterprises?

Few users today think about how their Web sites are delivered to them. It is actually simple: your Internet service provider sends and receives information without giving anybody preferential treatment. This means that everything being equal, your Web site would load as fast as your Facebook page. Without net neutrality, companies could pay to make […]

The Consumerization of IT: How it benefits your business, customers and employees

There are a lot to be said about the consumerization of IT.  You may have heard about it from mainstream media and technology blogs.  Or you may have colleagues who have mentioned it to you. Traditionally, products started life in offices.  Office workers first used calculators, computers and even mobile phones.  Because of their functionalities, […]