Oracle Engineered Systems

The Future of Data Center is Here: Engineered for innovation at a lower cost

The performance of your data center contributes a lot to your organization’s success. If the data center’s increased value and enhanced innovation at a reduced cost is what you are aiming to achieve, Oracle has the perfect answer with their latest generation of applications and engineered systems. In fact, many organizations worldwide embrace Oracle Engineered […]

How Did Oracle Engineered Systems Become a Success

Imagine a combined power of best-in-class Sun Microsystems and enterprise software-market-leader Oracle. The result, an integrated computer system that is high-performing at a low cost. Oracle-Sun combination delivers a product that has transformed the IT industry. The product is an engineered system that makes all the components of the IT stack integrated. Customers benefit the […]

The Rise of the Oracle Engineered Systems

There is no doubt that Oracle’s Engineered Systems are currently gaining foothold in the market. This is because these systems allow users to have a holistic approach to analytics, cloud and operational business needs. In fact, in a recent announcement, Oracle’s Mark Hurd said that the company has sold its 10,000th unit of engineered systems. […]

Using Engineered Systems in Building a Private Cloud for Business

Why should you use engineered systems for your cloud strategy? Because engineered systems allow you to be more agile and leaner, and it gives you the chance to see and realize benefits a whole lot faster. With more and more businesses seriously eyeing getting on the cloud, it is not a surprise that we are […]