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Using Oracle VM and Oracle Linux with Four Cornerstone’s Advanced Enterprise Manager Options

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Four Cornerstone offers Advanced Enterprise Manager services to its customers.  The Enterprise Manager is a comprehensive suite of tools that can provide you with the most complete line of cloud management solutions.

This is especially important if you run Oracle Linux and Oracle VM.


What is Oracle VM?

Four Cornerstone can assist you with everything from managing your cloud to lifecycle management, monitoring, application.

Oracle VM 3 is application-driven.  Oracle believes that for organizations to gain the most out of virtualization solutions such as cost-cutting benefits, existing assets, and reduction of management and implementation times, they would have to be application-driven.

Oracle VM allows you to look past mere server consolidation and instead improve application management and deployment.  It is a free virtualization solution, making it easier for you to deploy, support and manage enterprise applications.

It fully supports all Oracle software and has been tested in real-world datacenters.  We know that Oracle VM can help you lower your operation costs as well as your support costs while also helping improve your IT’s agility and efficiency.

But what’s more exciting is that Oracle VM comes with Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder.  The Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder allows you create applications and configure them easily.  It also enables you to deploy these applications in virtual machines, storage and other virtualized resources.


Oracle Linux

Oracle Linux, on the other hand, is a free-to-use OS from Oracle that gives you the latest innovations in Linux.  It is known for its better performance, reliability and scalability when it comes to enterprise applications.

People pay for the support, but it is still determined to be low-cost.


Four Cornerstone’s Enterprise Manager Options

If you use Oracle VM or Oracle Linux, you undoubtedly need to call Four Cornerstone for its Enterprise Manager service.  The Enterprise Manager helps you get the most out of your Oracle software.

For instance, since Oracle VM is application-driven, it is imperative that you have secure and quality applications that are highly scalable and available for your systems.  Four Cornerstone provides you with real application testing services that free up your IT team for more important tasks.  We take care of everything from functional testing, regression testing, load testing and everything to ensure that your application does what it needs to do. Four Cornerstone can also pinpoint, check and resolve security vulnerabilities that may be exploited.

What’s more, we can help you develop your own custom business applications using Application Development Framework.

Four Cornerstone can also help you manage your enterprise cloud with its Cloud Management Pack.  Everything you need to do from testing, operating, deploying, troubleshooting, tracking and diagnosing cloud systems are all available to you.

Four Cornerstone can also assist you with everything from managing your cloud to lifecycle management, monitoring, application and database performance management and application quality management and yes, even virtualization management.

Four Cornerstone’s Enterprise Manager can give you a lot of management features, and it is also extensible.  You can use plug-ins and connectors from other third-party vendors such as Juniper, Netapp, Cisco, HPOpen View, IBM Tivoli, and CA Unicenter, among others.

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