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What’s the Buzz about Cloud and Why Do Flexible Business Solutions Move There (Part 2 of 2)

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Cloud technology continues to evolve with the ever-changing business environment.

In part 1, we discussed why everyone is talking about the cloud, why do business applications move to the cloud, and what key benefits do organizations get when they move to the said platform.

Here, we will discuss why many companies still retain on-premise solutions, the cloud security issue, and the ever-evolving cloud technology.

What’s with the on-premise solution

Several companies consider the option of moving to the cloud a complex challenge. Some organizations continue to retain on-premise solutions despite the many benefits a cloud computing delivers. There are three primary reasons for this:

  1. Huge investment on existing setup

Companies who have heavily invested in their infrastructure prefer to make the most out of it and get optimal usage of their existing servers and storage instead. They are also concerned with the interfacing task with their existing information and communications technology. Some companies who are dealing with sensitive data are more inclined to have full control of their data and system.

  1. Where’s the room for more value

Large companies with existing infrastructure are more concerned with the value-added services the cloud will bring to their business. Since they already have full understanding of the system, they feel they can achieve faster results with it than having a new system.

  1. Location of data centers

The fact that cloud data is stored in data centers located anywhere in the world, it poses a significant challenge to some companies especially those working with sensitive data. The concerns of having different laws on data protection and privacy where the head office is located, where the service provider is situated, and where the data center is hosted, make organizations apprehensive.

Where’s the space for the cloud

In cases where companies use on-premise solution, where do cloud computing go? This concern was answered thanks to hybrid and private cloud installations. Companies with on-premise computing still embrace the cloud, particularly the hybrid solution. For this option, companies can install certain cloud applications that meet their specific business requirements while retaining other business applications and processes in-house.

Small and medium enterprises find cloud computing the perfect solution to their needs. Smaller companies benefit a lot from the cloud platform as it tremendously drives down the technology cost while enjoying its flexibility and scalability, providing them a competitive edge.

What about the cloud’s security risk

There is no denying that some companies remain skeptical about the cloud’s security. Data security, data breaches, and data loss or leakage are always the primary concerns of companies before they decide moving to the cloud.

For the customers’ peace of mind, cloud service providers offer a solution that comes with a strong record in adopting meticulous security measures and procedures. Today’s market leaders follow strict security policies, such as ISO standards to prove their credibility and ensure their spot in the industry.

What happens next?

Cloud technology continues to evolve with the ever-changing business environment. Cloud service providers do not just focus on the system’s capability and flexibility to accommodate new business demands. The latest innovation also includes security aspect to address concerns from sensitive customers.

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