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What’s new with Oracle: Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL and MySQL Enterprise Edition Extensions

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Oracle revealed that if you are currently using MySQL Enterprise Edition, you can now get Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database.

Oracle has time and again proven that you do not have to complicate things as far as managing your IT environments is concerned.  With Oracle Enterprise Manager, it is easy to oversee what is happening to your Oracle systems, even in the most complex IT environments.  And now, the software giant has made the Oracle Enterprise Manager even more valuable as it extends to also help you manage MySQL.

Oracle announced on Sept. 25, 2014, that users can now use Oracle Enterprise Manager to manage even the most complicated deployments of its software and technology that uses MySQL.  You can even use it in the cloud, and not just for on-premise systems.

With the new functionality, you can automatically discover MySQL targets, monitor your MySQL availability, and collect and configure metrics.  You can also make use of configurable thresholds and performance dashboards.  What all of these mean is that if you are currently using Oracle software and products for your IT infrastructure, then you only need Oracle Enterprise Manager to manage all of these.  You no longer have to get another software to help you monitor MySQL.  Instead, you can just use Oracle Enterprise Manager.

What this means is that you only need to look at one console in order to manage your technology stack, Web applications and enterprise applications that use MySQL.

Oracle revealed that if you are currently using MySQL Enterprise Edition, you can now get Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database and start enjoying the benefits and convenience it gives you.  It is interesting to note that Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database continues the company’s commitment to integrate its products with MySQL Enterprise Edition.  In the past, it has integrated several of its products with MySQL Enterprise Edition, such as Oracle Audit Vault, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Secure Backup.

New MySQL Enterprise Edition Extensions

The company also announced that they will be coming up with new extensions for MySQL Enterprise Edition.

These new MySQL Enterprise Edition extensions include:

  1. MySQL Enterprise Backup options that allow you to backup and restore in your cloud environments.  Using this would allow you to back up your MySQL to Amazon S3.  There is also another option that allows you to back up or recover your binlog and relay logs.  Lastly, you can choose to add object-level recovery and optimistic backup.
  1. Better MySQL Enterprise Audit functionalities that allow you to filter by user accounts.  This would help you get a better look when auditing or ensuring compliance.
  1. MySQL Enterprise Encryption, which gives your stronger data protection through the use of private and public keys, or by using asymmetric cryptography.
  1. MySQL Enterprise Edition also has a new Yum repository that gives you the capability to maintain your own certified software and infrastructure, controlling updates, patches and versions along the way.

One of the best things about working with Oracle is that they are constantly finding ways to help you do your job easily and quickly.  Four Cornerstone is here to help you maximize your Oracle investments by helping you implement best in class software and technology products from the company, while also helping you get your head wrapped around new features and functionality.  Want to know more about Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database and the new MySQL Enterprise Edition extensions?  Call Four Cornerstone today at +1 (817) 377-1144!

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