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How to Win the Fear of Moving to the Cloud

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Many companies from different industries who have made the right decision now fully realize the benefits of cloud computing.

Cloud computing has engulfed the industry, winning the attention of many organizations that are moving mission-critical applications to the cloud.

Which side do you belong? The one who fears moving to the cloud because it might disturb your business stability and security, or the other one who is innovative enough to embrace it and face your competition head on with better tools and agility?

Some traditional decision makers prefer to stick with their legacy system because of fear that moving to the cloud might affect their steady business. They would rather stay with their existing platform since they are happy with its performance.

However, much more companies are not satisfied with the performance of their existing systems. They are fearless and prefer to be innovative. They are keen to learn more about the best technology solution in the market. They would like to discover how cloud computing can bring more value to their business, and they act fast. These entrepreneurs appreciate the cloud’s ability to provide flexibility, agility and scalability. And they find cloud computing’s lower initial cost a significant plus factor.

Some companies usually start with less critical systems when they transition to the cloud. But this strategy has changed over the years. More and more enterprises are now taking the steps to move even their core business applications to the cloud. The companies embracing this trend include startups, small and medium businesses, and large enterprises.

The workloads that are being moved to the cloud include financial systems, ERP, and other critical business applications that the business teams access every minute of the day.

If you want to stay ahead, select the right vendor and product

There are several cloud service providers in the market, offering choices such as public, private and hybrid cloud services. Since many organizations are now shifting to the cloud, staying ahead of the competition means an ongoing challenge. You then need to be more cautious about your next move and the business decisions you will make. More importantly, you need to select a vendor that can help you keep your business’ key differentiating factor in the marketplace.

Winning big in the competitive business world takes a lot of guts, wisdom and other essential ingredients. Having the right technology solution is without a doubt one of the key things you need to have. When you choose a vendor, it is wise to do it with utmost care. Don’t settle for something that just meets your basic requirements. Select a vendor who has a healthy record in delivering proven business results in your specific niche.

Many companies from different industries who have made the right decision now fully realize the benefits of cloud computing. They now enjoy better performance and are already ahead of the game.

Would you like to be one of them?

If you would like to be innovative and stay ahead of the competition, contact Four Cornerstone for your cloud computing requirements. Our Oracle Consulting in Dallas offers important insights and valuable guidance on how to take advantage of the cloud’s benefits.

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