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Yes, Your Business Needs Database Technologies

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 Yes, Your Business Needs Database Technologies.

A database is just a way for you to have an organized system of keeping your data.  The data is often organized so that it would be easy for you to use and process them.  Database technology arranges your data in what is called a model that relates to external factors.  For instance, a database would provide you a model of item number, item codes, item descriptions and item quantity so that it would make sense if you are handling stock control or inventory.

And why do you need database technology?  Why not just put everything in a file and then save it to your hard disk?  Surely, this is simpler than having to learn SQL queries, installing a database software and going through all that trouble of populating your database, right?

Well, not really.  It is safe to say that all businesses, no matter how big or small, need to use some kind of database technology. Using this tool, you can easily search for data in your database.  You can ask your database questions, or you can compare and contrast data from two different tables.  You can also easily create reports on your data, and your data is very structured.

In general, databases are fault-tolerant, reliable and you can work with high volumes of data or large data sets efficiently and without too much problems.

And to answer the question about using a database instead of saving your data to disk?  It helps you deal with multiple users.  If two or more people are working on the same tables, you do not have to worry about data corruption and missing files.  Plus, databases can be also easily scaled and you would need a database for really complex datasets.

In short, database technology is the best way to store and access data because it is made up of technologies that have been developed by experts for many years.

Database technology also sets the stage for other IT projects you may need to get into.  Like, if you are looking to get into big data, business intelligence, business process management and workflow, and even running your own Web sites.

Core Technology

Database technology is a core technology that sets the stages for you to be able to process and manage information easily and efficiently.  It also prepares you for fast data analysis, data visualization, presentation and statistics.

Choosing the right kind of database technology, you can get fast business analytics and data warehousing.  You can process transactions faster and you can get the best insights with data aggregation, collection and sharing.  Because a database forces you to understand and make sense of your data first, you will always have all the data you need in a uniform structure so that you could make better decisions.

There are several databases out there for you to use.  There is Oracle’s reliable database technology where you rely on Oracle’s software and products.  You can gain all of these benefits, and still have the environment to create something that uses or interacts with your database.

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