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How cloud can transform a Chief Information Officer (CIO) into a Chief Acceleration Officer (CAO)

CIO now becomes CAO (Chief Acceleration Officer), optimizing IT systems to rapidly enable the business.

As a CIO, do you agree that you are the best person in the company to lead the digital transformation? If you are still dealing with obsolete technology systems, it’s time to evolve with modernity and assume a more strategic role in influencing your business’s future, using the cloud as your weapon.

Your transformation to Chief Acceleration Officer

In today’s modern era, competition is accelerating at full speed. Your company needs to innovate and respond faster to market changes to survive and stay ahead of competition.

Enterprises are now more prepared to face the challenges, thanks to modern technology. And with the CIO on the driver’s seat, companies are on the right track.

In the recent Oracle CIO Summit in Johannesburg, Oracle SA’s country manager and cloud specialist Kevin Attard shared that one of the company’s current priorities include the digital transformation of the business.

Why? Because digital changes everything. This trend inspires organizations across the globe to embrace technology.

The consumers love the digital experience. Being treated as one client despite using different touch points provides a remarkable experience to customers.

Today, customer experience is the critical strategy that many enterprises are embracing. Outstanding customer experience becomes a competitive differentiator. After all, a bad experience with a company has made many customers stop patronizing the product.

Technology plays a crucial role in achieving competitiveness. That is why IT teams are being asked to continuously look at innovative digital ways to reach out to customers. Attard explained that when Apple launched its watch product, the company did it not to compete with watch makers. They offered another way for customers to do payments, competing with the banking industry instead.

The components of being innovative are cloud computing, big data, mobile and social. These are the digital disruptors that companies must adopt, says Attard.

What you should focus on as a CIO

  1. Invest in a digital platform.

As your company transforms to digital, you need a platform that will enable you to support your new digital business. You need a strong foundation that will allow fast innovation; not just to keep up with the changes but also to set the market pace.

  1. Shift your focus to running your business.

CIOs are now becoming more and more business-oriented. Leverage your partners to run your systems so that you can concentrate on playing a more strategic role in running the business.

  1. Exploit cloud computing as a primary technology.

Many leading brands are determined to stay on top of the game, ahead of new competitors. Their business strategies drive their journey to the cloud. If you are after speed and agility, the cloud is the right solution to adopt.

Oracle’s new objective of transforming its customers to be faster, more strategic, and more responsive in their strategies and approach is winning the attention of many CIOs. The role of the CIO is no longer limited to just leading enterprise IT. CIO now becomes CAO (Chief Acceleration Officer), optimizing IT systems to rapidly enable the business.

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Photo by Hillel Steinberg.

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