CIO is the Chief Information Officer overseeing IT strategies. Four Cornerstone support CIOs in implementing innovative tech strategies.

6 years ago

CIOs have a very demanding job and when it comes to security, their responsibilities become doubly taxing. We have already

8 years ago

A lot of companies think that in order to take advantage of big data, they should hire a chief data

9 years ago

As a CIO, do you agree that you are the best person in the company to lead the digital transformation?

9 years ago

Chief information officers (CIOs) have always found it difficult to ask for additional budget that would pay for new or

9 years ago

One of the things that you should do when thinking about using cloud-based applications is the roadblocks and problems that

Traditionally, CIOs are more concerned about a company’s IT investments: how these work, how these should work, and how to

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