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What’s the Buzz about the Cloud and Why Do Flexible Business Solutions Move There (Part 1 of 2)

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The cloud offers more and more mobility and other key benefits to organizations, which in turn delivers an exceptional experience to their customers.

Cloud computing is now embedded in many organization’s DNA. Everybody is talking about it. In fact, you are using it now, without you even realizing. Whenever you access social media, use Dropbox, open online payment systems, and other online services, you become a consumer of cloud computing.

Why is the cloud becoming prevalent and gaining more popularity than ever? Why are business applications that are available over the Internet now regarded as the future of cloud computing?

It is because more and more organizations are recognizing the cloud’s flexibility, scalability, agility and lower initial costs. These features offer huge benefits.

Why is everyone talking about the cloud?

Cloud computing has tremendously changed and affected the way businesses are being conducted these days.

Backed-up with the power of broadband Internet, cloud computing made it possible for service providers to have their large data storage available to more users. As a consumer, you can access all the information over the Internet, store your email archives on the web, save your large files on Dropbox, and publish thousands of photos on Facebook and Instagram.

Why do business applications move to the cloud?

Many business owners see the many advantages the cloud offers. Many organizations now realize how the cloud can transform their organizations. Business solutions move to the cloud because the said technology can turn around the business with the many benefits it offers:

  • Reduced cost

There is no huge initial cost to purchase hardware and software. This alone saves your organization a huge chunk of your budget. With the cloud, your company pays only for what you use, with the flexibility to scale your usage up and down depending on your business requirements. There is also ongoing reduced cost on maintenance and upgrades. In addition, you don’t have to allocate resources for long-term implementation because the cloud can be deployed instantly, which equates to significant cost saving.

  • Faster implementation

Your organization does not have to go through the long process of hardware procurement. The deployment of cloud technology is faster and allows you to get things started immediately. The swift implementation also results to very minimal business disruption.

  • Manageability

With cloud computing, you don’t have to allocate human resources to manage your software because of its automation and provisioning functionalities. Since cloud vendors are the ones handling the server maintenance, security, and software updates, you can just focus your efforts and resources on how the solution can further enhance your business.

  • Mobility

In today’s global business arena where workforce becomes more and more mobile, cloud computing environment proves to be more beneficial because it is available anytime, anywhere. Employees can work remotely from a computer or mobile device through the Internet.


Cloud technology continues to evolve, and the latest developments further enhance the way organizations operate their businesses. The cloud offers more and more mobility and other key benefits to organizations, which in turn delivers an exceptional experience to their customers. These are the key factors why many organizations and business solutions continue to move to the cloud.

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Photo by IBM Curiosity Shop.

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