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Oracle Proves Commitment to MySQL with its Enterprise Manager Integration

CIOs and IT managers are wary of the technology they chose to invest in becoming obsolete, or the company behind this technology stopping development.  This brings to mind Oracle acquiring MySQL around five years ago, amidst endless debates of whether Oracle would be a good or bad thing for MySQL. However, the good news for […]

MySQL Classic Edition: For your business’ read-intensive applications

MySQL is considered to be the most popular open source database in the world, a platform that you can rely on if you need high performance, scalable and reliable databases.  Original equipment manufacturers, independent software vendors and value added resellers that offer read-intensive applications would find MySQL Classic Edition as the perfect embedded database for […]

The New MySQL 5.7 Development Milestone Release: Can process 650,000 queries and deliver 1 million queries per second

  Both your business needs and the technology that supports these needs are always changing, so it follows that your database does change, too.  The good news is that if you are using Oracle products and software, you are sure that some of the world’s best programmers and engineers are working hard to help keep […]

MySQL Embedded: Full-featured, low-cost and highly-available database with no administration required

MySQL Embedded gives you a full-featured database with absolutely no administration required.  This means that you get everything that you need and expect out of a database without the hassles.  Sounds good?  Yes it is and Oracle has at least 3,000 original equipment manufacturers, value added resellers and independent software vendors who are currently relying […]

Get to Know More About MySQL Fabric's Two Most Important Features: High Availability and Scaling Out

  MySQL Fabric is a framework to help you manage farms of MySQL Servers and help make these servers highly available and scalable. These features may be used together or on their own, and are carried out in two separate layers. The first is using the mysqlfabric method that deals with any management request.  When […]

Scaling MySQL: Part 2

This is the second part of the article. You can read part 1 here. The job of a MySQL administrator includes knowing how to scale MySQL systems depending on what’s required of these systems.  It could be that high availability is the most important criteria.  Or it could be that your users would need query […]