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Oracle SOA Suite: Create, deploy and manage service-oriented architectures with ease

  As businesses grow, so does the number of applications and systems they need to manage and keep track of.  This is where service-oriented architecture or SOA comes in.  SOA is very useful in standardization and reusability.  With SOA, businesses can reuse legacy systems, so instead of spending for new technology, they can just use […]

Oracle ADF 11g: Create and deploy apps the easy way

  Application development is a critical process for most businesses because it could mean their survival in the future.  However, as the needs of employees and external users change, application development also needs to change. This is where Oracle ADF 11g comes in. Oracle claims that ADF 11g is an “end-to-end framework” that makes use […]

Using Oracle VM and Oracle Linux with Four Cornerstone's Advanced Enterprise Manager Options

Four Cornerstone offers Advanced Enterprise Manager services to its customers.  The Enterprise Manager is a comprehensive suite of tools that can provide you with the most complete line of cloud management solutions. This is especially important if you run Oracle Linux and Oracle VM.   What is Oracle VM? Oracle VM 3 is application-driven.  Oracle […]